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As Traditional Chinese Acupuncturists specialising in women’s health, we see a lot of women who suffer from painful periods. Women suffering from period pain experience… Read More »PAINFUL PERIODS


    ‘We support people of all ages throughout New Zealand who are facing any kind of tough life situation, but we specialise in grief, loss and… Read More »Skylight


      ‘We provide help with all parenting issues from the smallest to the most serious issue of child abuse. At the heart of Parent Help are… Read More »Parent Help

      Parent Help

        “Fertility New Zealand is committed to supporting, advocating for and educating all people who face infertility challenges at all stages of their journey and beyond.”… Read More »Fertility NZ

        Fertility NZ

          (previously named the Post and Ante natal Distress Support Group Wellington) “Little Shadow offers counselling, support and information for those experiencing perinatal distress.  We walk… Read More »Little Shadow

          Little Shadow

            Traditional Chinese Medicine sees menopause as a completely natural and important phase in the female reproductive life. Reproductive hormones begin to fluctuate and they can… Read More »Menopause