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Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy Care

Maternity Acupuncture is being offered in hospital antenatal clinics and birthing units worldwide, such as the Whittington hospital (UK), the Midwife Lead Unit at the Warrington and Halton Hospital (UK), the Mother Baby Centre in Minnesota (USA) and here in New Zealand at the Hutt Valley hospital.

Our registered practitioners are all very experienced in treating woman through all stages of pregnancy, preparation for labour and during labour itself.

The safety of acupuncture in treating Pregnant women

There is a significant body of evidence showing that acupuncture has a very good safety profile when performed by a well-qualified practitioner.

Systematic reviews[1],[2] have demonstrated that adverse events are few and minor in nature when acupuncture or moxibustion is used during pregnancy for:

  • pelvic and back pain[3]
  • nausea[4]
  • depression[5]
  • correction of nonvertex presentation (breech presentation)[6]


Breech position

Breech presentation

Breech presentations affect approximately 3-4% of pregnancies and often babies will turn by themselves by the 36th week. However, if they don’t medical management is usually suggested. Medical management of breech presentation involves cephalic version...

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Prengnancy Pain

Pregnancy related pain

Headaches Headaches in pregnancy can be particularly bothersome for some women, especially in the first and third trimester.  During the first trimester, there is a rapid surge in pregnancy hormones combined with an increase in...

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Birth preparation

In addition to practitioners providing care in private practice, Maternity Acupuncture is being offered in hospital antenatal clinics and birthing units worldwide, such as the Whittington hospital in London (UK), The MotherBaby Centre in Minnesota...

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